8 Key Reasons Webinars Have Huge ROI

Webinars are seminars that are offered on the Internet – and are currently in full swing. How so? Because they are currently one of the most successful marketing tools ever. Why this works and what benefits Webinars offer you in your marketing work is explained in this article.

For many companies, customer acquisition is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive.  In an age of increasing digitization, the question of how companies using the digital channels its products and services to their own target groups known to do?  Here webinars for marketing and sales can be an interesting acquisition tool.

The acquisition of new customers, many interested parties can be targeted and reached at the same time, irrespective of the location of the company and the interested parties.

First of all, webinars are not an alternative to other channels and methods. Rather, they are the content advertised through Facebook, Adwords, newsletters, and even print ads. Content that your target group likes to consume attentively – at the qualitative level of a seminar, but as comfortable as a Youtube video. This is webinar marketing. And that’s exactly why it is so incredibly successful.

  1. Attentive participants – Communicating messages effectively

calendarWebinars are not permanently available in contrast to videos, texts and infographics. This is because, as a rule, a moderator sits at his computer at a certain time and transmits the webinar “live”, ie in real time. So there are certain dates on which a webinar takes place – and the participants have to register for it. As a result, most people schedule a fixed time slot for the webinar and, meanwhile, do no other activities or are actually busy with something else. This generates an extremely high level of attention of the participants, which can then be used to convey their own competencies or advertising messages.

  1. Automatable – and therefore extremely efficient

The true power of webinars arises only with the ability to automate a few platforms. Automation means that the webinars are not kept live, but a “live” recording is broadcast. As a result, webinar providers are able to offer several appointments per week and thus win significantly more participants. Thus, the benefits of the benefits presented here increase proportionally, while the time and expense is kept at a constant minimum.

  1. Cost-effective – and therefore applicable by everyone

While lecture slots cost up to € 5,000 at conventions, the cost for webinars is a manageable monthly fee for the platform. At Webinaris, for example, the cheapest package costs just € 29 per month – and you get an unlimited number of appointment slots. The creation of the webinar itself takes a bit, but does not cost you money. Once a webinar is held or recorded, it is not even time-consuming to automate.

  1. Registration required – you know who participated

Participation in a webinar usually requires registration of the participant. This application causes him to automatically disclose his contact details. On the one hand, this gives you the opportunity to personally get in touch with the participant and to work according to the classic sales process, on the other hand, you can make him aware of your offers through automated e-mail campaigns. For example, white papers, infographics and videos do not offer you these options.

  1. Communicable everywhere – great content for all channels

Whether online, print or personal contact: You can use any channel to promote your webinars and attract new customers. Of course – you will say – you can do that with videos and infographics. The key difference is the level of content. Through a print ad or conversation at a trade show, you will not get anyone to visit your website to watch a video or infographic – but sign up for a webinar. This is due to the mentality of consumers who attribute a higher content level to a webinar. The benefit that the consumer expects justifies the time required to register. In addition, there is the awareness that a webinar is not available indefinitely and therefore a swift action is necessary.

  1. Just listen – it’s that easy

Woman notebookInterested parties like to sign up for webinars, because they are very pleasant: you do not have to read or edit anything, just listen. There is also a certain amount of anonymity and an absolute non-binding nature. As a result, people sign up for your webinars that never filled out the contact form on your website or grabbed the phone.

  1. Know, Like, Trust – Buy!

A webinar is always held by one person – the moderator. As a moderator, you will have enough time during the webinar for the participants to know and like you and build up a certain level of trust in you and your competence. Knowing, liking and trusting – these are the three things that are necessary for a potential customer to become a customer. This is exactly what you achieve better with webinars than with almost any other medium.

  1. Anyone can hold webinars – even you!

Keeping webinars is actually incredibly easy: all you need is a computer and a microphone. You do not need programming skills, you do not have to include codes in your website, you do not have to cut elaborate videos in Adobe Premiere, or create print-optimized ads in Adobe Photoshop. You just have to make a small presentation and then tell something – done. And if you want, do not even do it live, but on your own. Just record your talk – and if you do not like it, just re-make it. And you even have everything you need to fully automate your webinars.