Top Free Webinar Providers

If you google for a while, you’ll quickly find out that there are an incredible number of webinar software solutions and providers on the Internet (also called videoconferencing software). This looks like a lot of research work and hours on the laptop. IRGs.

You want an easier way? Then sit down and think about exactly what you want to hold webinars for. Want to secure your expert status? Would you like to connect with your target audience to learn more about their questions, problems and give live assistance? Or do you even want to use webinars for group coaching and as an accompaniment to your online courses?

No matter what, sketch your “why” as detailed as possible. Afterwards you write in bullet points what you expect from a webinar software. Which tools and extras do you need? What is your budget? How many participants do you expect?

In the final step, you will take advantage of our overview of the most popular webinar softwares to easily check in the spreadsheet which of the softwares match your needs. We have already done the research for you and listed all the points.


The clear strength of Webinaris lies in the automation and sales functions. Recorded webinars can be uploaded as video and played at any time. In this way, you can offer your participants more appointments and reach many more people. Also, participants in the webinar can be tagged down to the minute when additional emails should be sent.

If a participant leaves the webinar in the middle, he can be tagged and entered into a special e-mail list. You can later use this to get feedback on why the webinar was left. The webinar itself can display banners and prepare chat questions. Along with interfaces, an API, e-mail marketing tools, and statistics, you can build automated sales funnel with your webinars.

3 webinars with these features and any number of participants are available without special discounts for monthly payments for 79 $.

Bonus for elopager: Via our new interface you can sell your webinaris webinars easily and with a click via elopage . Your participants will buy it through us and Webinaris delivers the linked webinar automatically at the agreed time!


fully automated webinars incl. delivery
extensive possibilities to tag and individualize

no live webinars possible (but a solution is already in progress)


edudip is one of the best-known providers of webinar software in the German market. A particular plus is the marketplace through which webinars can be bought and sold. An own branding is possible, but only with a business account. For this you can with this online tool offer series appointments and work with up to ten participants for 45 minutes for free. Chat, whiteboard and polls are included and you can also share your screen.

The prices are moderate – you can test the software in free mode with up to 10 participants. For 1.000 participants you pay 49 $ per month.


Whiteboard function
Moderate prices

no automatic e-mails
Branding only possible with a business account

With GoToWebinar you have a webinar platform that delivers reliable and outstanding quality in sound and image. It’s also worth taking a second look if you plan to use the software for presentations or webtalks with co-moderator. You can customize the logo and image to give your webinar your branding. In terms of price GoToWebinar belongs in the more expensive class, but many useful extras are included. For example, automated mails can be sent, there is an app for participants who prefer to watch on their tablet, a Zapier connection and a dial-up option via telephone. The Webinardauer is unlimited and of course you also have a chat and a survey option with it.

Particularly noteworthy are the analysis functions, reports and data exports. Review the records of your webinar or use them, for example, in an online course or member area. Together with the analysis tools you have the opportunity to evaluate, compare and constantly improve your webinars.

With $ 199 a month for 500 attendees, GoToWebinar is slightly more expensive than edudip, but also offers more features and extras.


extensive analysis tools
simulated live events


Not very cheap
no livestream possible

Zoom is a very comprehensive, but clearly arranged tool. The moderator can decide whether to share his entire screen or just cut-outs and even hand over the mouse and keyboard controls to a participant. All in all, Zoom is a very well thought-out software suitable for webinars, which we or Ivan Blatter also use.

100 – 10.0000 participants can dial in per webinar on the PC or over the phone. With the automated e-mails you can reach them all and you can relax and hold a webinar without any time limit.
Unfortunately, extensive analysis features are not available, but you can customize the webinar room, logo, and image, and have access to common webinar tools such as whiteboard, polls, share screen, and more. You can also upload virtual backgrounds during the webinar!

In addition to the participants in the webinar room, you can stream your content on Facebook and Youtube at the same time and reach more participants at the same time.

You can test zoom for up to 100 participants as a meeting tool for free. From the Pro Plan to $ 14.99 a month, you can book the webinar for $ 40.


Unlimited webinar duration
Free for up to 100 meeting participants


Webinar feature must be booked separately in the Pro Plan
no comprehensive analysis functions


WebinarJam is easy and intuitive to use. With a page builder, you can customize the invite templates to your brand’s style. You can automatically record your webinars for reuse afterwards, and you can also stream them live on Facebook and Youtube. Up to six moderators can moderate unlimited-time webinars and engage in chat, polling, and sharing their screen with attendees.

A data export is unfortunately not possible, but you can evaluate your webinars directly via the analysis functions and reports. Also, the API is not provided and also Zapier are unfortunately no further connections and automation possible.

WebinarJam offers two packages: one year and two years. In addition, you can choose between three or four payments or a single payment. At one year, the price is $ 479, two years at $ 767 (each one-time payment).


simple individualization
automatic webinar recording


no data export possible
no API / no Zapier connection
Click meeting

ClickMeeting is not software to download, but browser-based. A special plus: the user-friendly interface. The moderator can share presentations, embed videos, or collaborate with his participants on a whiteboard. As a result, ClickMeeting offers many ways to engage with your participants , making it easier for you to keep their attention.

A big plus is the numerous branding features that allow you to customize your webinars to your brand. With webinar times of 4 to 6 hours, you’ll have plenty of time to put all your valuable content into an appealing and detailed manner. Unfortunately, you can not stream live on Facebook, but on Youtube.

For instant feedback, there is a rating feature that gives you instant feedback from your participants. Faster, more direct and honest is probably no analysis!

In Pro Plan you can host 100 participants for 55 dollars per month. Attention: The billing takes place here annually, even if the price is displayed per month.


priced middle class
many branding functions


no API / no Zapier connection
The cloud only stores material from ings. 24h recording time

The interface of Mikogo is also very intuitive – the available functions can even be adapted if necessary. On request, there is a white label function, otherwise the logo and the form for the own website can be customized. The software is very well suited for planned or short-term webinars and can additionally convince with a meeting planner and high security standards.

The web duration is unlimited and it is possible to record the webinars. Unfortunately there is no livestream function for Facebook and Youtube. Unfortunately, the surveys, the whiteboard are also missing and it is also not possible to share your own screen. Mikogo is more suitable for small group webinars – with the Professional License you can invite 25 participants per session for 15 € per month.


Whitelabel on request
Unlimited webinar duration


no live streaming
no whiteboard / survey tools